Commerical advertising LED display solution

System configuration:

1. Display system:outdoor LED cabinet
2. Controlling system: consists of PC, graphic card, LED Processor, video processor, communication system.
3. System software
4. Remote advertising software
5. Environment monitoring system: temperature sensor, brightness controlling system
6. AC power system: power distributor,
7. Multimedia system: video camera, sound speaker, power amplifier, Audi & Video switcher, TV receiver, DVD player


Display system functions:

1.Video function

2.Text /image/information publish


4.Safety function
Accurate system:no error occurs.
Response time :real time.
reaction function

5.Remote monitoring –details.

6.Remote and step on powering system
The led display system which including the led panels, speakers, cooling fans is controlled by PLC intelligent power system. A reliable power system is very important for the stability of the whole led display system. And by step power method, the system can avoid from the shock of instantaneous high current, and the material could be well protected, so it extent the lifetime of the display.

7.Anti-lightening functions

8.Anti-high temperature functions

9.System protection functions
The led display system has protect functions such as anti-high temperature, Anti-corrosion, pest control, waterproof, dust-proof, lightning protection, anti-static, wind, earthquake, anti-jamming systems such protection function.

10.Set up parameter
Brightness, grey scale, contrast ration, temperature parameter set up function.
System extension function

11.Video camera, HD camera, DVD, can be introduced into the system.

LED processor:

Function: To control and process the video signal to the LED Video Panels.

Based on Gigabit Ethernet technology

1.Based on Gigabit Ethernet technology
2.Single Processor capacity: up to 720 000 pixels under 30 frame per second
3.Output resolution: Any within 720k pixel limit
4.Build-in graphic user interface
5.Images can be previewed on local display
6.Total system latency (worst case): Less than 3 frames
7.DVI video input: Up to 1280 x 1024, 50/60/75 Hz
8.Analog video input: Composite, component and S-video, PAL, NTSC and SECAM,
9.The processor shall be able to support the following
10.Frame synchronization to analog signal
11.Image rotation
12.Scaling and de-interlacing
13.Gamma curve selection and adjustment
Remote control of the screen:

If you want to control your screen by internet, we will provide advertising software which enables internet streaming by a wired or wireless network.

The system is based on a Browser/ Server platform. With a server installed in the internet or Ethernet, user can login the system just by enter the IP address of the server, and then upload and publish the video, images or text on the display. This B/S structure software maximum the flexibility to control the screen.

Based on module design, the function is powerful and user friendly:
Layout Design Module
Sophisticated graphical scheduling, playing list planning, drag and pull drawing constitute the base module. Template lay-out or industry standard application can either be routed to the intended PowerNet player or per your plan. This is all you need to get started with your own digital billboard project.
Content Management Module
Content elements are easily managed within the graphic, text and video types’ folder. Prior to the media contents published to the audiences, supervisors may validate the campaign by content review, playing list confirmation and then decide to upload the files to the network.
Group Node Administration
This allows the creation of groups of nodes so that different kinds of content, schedules, and media program can be managed on a group level. Leave it to the system to propagate correct content to the correct groups.
System Administrator Module
If you need create your user accounts (unlimited numbers), change the roles of users or remotely tune individual node parameters, such as audio levels, display output parameters, etc. This module gives you those abilities.
Remote Management Module
This is the ability for a system administrator to monitor and manage the Network LED player to remote control. A complete system consists of a program that facilitates the continuous of variables such as microprocessors utilization, content element’s size and the network MAC address. The Program also allows for such remote operations as rebooting, shutdown, troubleshooting, on (off) line status, and video volume control. A single system can be used with more than one server with out the need for on-site staff at any of the player’s locations.
Reporting Logs
This module enables logging of every system event. It permits the creation of an audit trail for all schedule entries that are played, all exceptional situation that relate to the health of the nodes, network or content.


Create Truly dynamic content with browser interface
Content elements can play over background movies
Quality of TV playback with TV Tuner EX significantly improved
Save within Design menu
Publish to flash image or video
Support 4:3 and 16:9 content rendering
Real-time image processing and rendering
Template creation for use with Template editing
Advanced RSS( Really Simple Syndication) package that allows creation of tickers (crawls or rolls) from your own RSS content.
Powerful brower-based interface for creating & manageing Play lists
Creat & Plan contents & assign to one or more players or groups of Display
Timetable-based scheduling through rich, browser-based graphical interface
Easy content creation from template plus ability to update on-air
Role-based user access rights
Built-in SQL Database back-end for management of content & player databases
Support both passive and interactive digital signs or kiosks
Network monitoring, including “Health” status, etc.
Playback Audit viewer and reporter with SQL back-end
Romote player’s software updates
Intelligent file transfer
FTP or HTTP/HTTPS transmission
Multicast IP-based communication carries are supported
Auto Scale content to any resolution (independent of playlists/scripts)
Import standard graphics and video
Group Players by criteria (Geography, demographics, etc.)

Graphics: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc.
Animation: SWF, AnimGIF
Sound: MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, PCM, WPA


In order to find the server in internet, the server should have a static IP address. When the system runs in Ethernet, the server also needs a interior static IP address. Two situations for wireless control:
1st. The control PC connect to internet through a wireless network
In this occasion, the computer can be placed outside the control room, such as in the display frame. Operator can control it via a laptop. Diagram shows as below:


2nd. the control PC connect to a wired network
The operator can control the display by a wireless internet.


Power distribution Unit:

Power distribution Unit for LED Screen: **KW
Power need for control room: *KW.
Power Supply: AC 380V, three-phase five-wire system
Voltage range: normal±15%


1. All hardware devices are complying with CE certification.

2. The Power Distribution unit is controlled by the programmable logic controller, and power load draw power from grids step by step. In this way, it will reduce the current impact for power grids caused by the LED screen system.

3. Programmable logic controller communicates with computer, start instruction is issued by the operation computer without manually switching button. At the same time the status information and fault information of the main switch is sent back to the computer network, by which the network can monitor the power switch.

4. By adding over-current, short circuit, open circuit, overvoltage, under-voltage, temperature and other protective devices, and adding the necessary instruction equipments, the power distribution unit can facilitate the inspection of faults and has anti-static, anti-seismic and other functions.

5. Protection ground wire to earth resistance is less than 4 ohms, the earth resistance of electronic communication equipment is less than 1 ohm ,it adopts the three-phase five-wire power supply system. Also a signal ground is needed, which is independent of the protective ground; it can be used by the network systems and distributed control systems. Power lightning protection depends on LED screen, line lightning protection design and distribution system solutions.


Control Wiring Diagram