The Comrex STAC VIP smoothly integrates legacy POTS lines with VoIP technology to deliver a new way to manage telephone calls for talk shows, interviews and contests. Besides taking traditional POTS calls, it also handles calls from HD Voice-capable telephones and Smartphones apps, as well as high quality calls from Skype users. Complete with the STAC IP Call Screening and Control Interface, the STAC VIP Caller Management system will even integrate with your VoIP PBX system. 

The STAC VIP Mainframe is the central point where all outside calls meet with the STAC VIP’s control, management and audio interface functions. Audio connections include AES audio in and out along with Line 1 and Line 2 in and out on XLR. Two independent Hold Audio inputs are provided, allowing STAC VIP to be shared between studios. Two Ethernet ports provide for WAN connections to all telephone line sources and LAN connections for local STAC VIP Control Surfaces and local interface control. Up to four Control Surfaces can be supported per mainframe. 

STAC VIP utilizes the familiar STAC Control Surface which provides clear indication of phone line and caller status. Super bright colored LEDs and an ergonomically friendly button layout give a concise overview and control of all callers at a glance. STAC CS integrates unique features like “Busy All Lines” and control of the “Auto Attendant” feature, which answers calls and plays out a custom message before parking calls on hold. STAC CS connects to the mainframe via IP, so it can be located anywhere IP connectivity is possible, even off-site. 

STAC IP is an integrated Call Screening and Control interface that runs natively on STAC VIP. By connecting a video monitor, keyboard and mouse or by using a simple web browser, the password protected graphical user interface provides basic call screening functionality such as caller name, location and notes. STAC IP even provides caller ID information when available! Used in conjunction with the STAC VIP Control Surface Hands Free mode, a call screener can utilize STAC IP to answer and screen callers and even text chat with a host in a different studio. 
Comrex STAC VIP Features: 
• Handles new Wideband HD Voice calls from capable smart phones 
• Handles all legacy POTS/ISDN calls 
• Works with IP PBX systems 
• Utilizes SIP to establish connection between two callers to find the highest-quality connection common to both 
• Works with Skype and other third party Internet systems that use the SILK codec 
• Scalable to fit virtually any sized installation