DB4004 – DSP-based FM Radio Monitoring Receiver with TCP/IP Connectivity

The DB4004 is our second generation digital FM Radio Modulation Analyzer. It combines our long-term experience in FM Radio Monitoring and FM radio measurement “know how.” The RF (IF) signal is digitalized as soon as it enters the device and all signal processing is then made through DSP algorithms. The signal being digitalized in this way, at the input, the equipment acquires measurement reproducibility over time. The powerful accuracy of the digital filters used in this equipment enables the FM multiplex signal components to be accurately and repeatedly reproduced from one device to another. The incredible processing power of the device enables all measurements to be refreshed simultaneously and synchronously, thereby allowing for detailed readings of all the Multiplex FM signal components. The DB4004 has an easy to read, high-resolution OLED graphical display and ultra-bright bargraph LED 60 segment indicators that allow reading the main signal parameters at a glance. The built-in DB4004 Oscilloscope represents the observed signal change, over time and helps you visualize the most important signals participating in the process of demodulating and stereo decoding. Complimenting the Oscilloscope mode, the Spectrum analyzer mode allows spectral analysis of the input signal and some of DB4004 features likewise. Spectral components of the selected signal are determined on the basis of Fast Fourier Transform. MPX Power and all other level measurements are supported by measurement history data. In addition to the list of DB4004 features, RDS information contained in the processed MPX signal is easily visualized and represented as RDS/RBDS Data and detailed RDS/RBDS Statistics.

Dependable off-air monitoring enables you to keep an eye on other stations in the market as well as measuring the important parameters of your own signal. Adjustable Alarms enable alerting for most of the important signal components and parameters to be generated and fed to the Rear Panel Alarm Terminal for remote alarm notification. The DB4004 is designed to support USB and LAN communication interfaces, allowing flexibility of the remote connection and control of the unit. The DB4004 is the most cost-effective way for regular monitoring of the quality and continuity of your station and up to 50 other FM Radio Stations, with many innovative features such as TCP/IP connectivity, audio streaming, and automatic alerts for operation outside of predefined ITU-R ranges. In case of transmission failure, maintenance staff will be immediately alerted via E-mail, SNMP, or SMS which signal the technicians to restore the normal service as soon as possible. This tool instantly enhances the quality control management of radio stations. The DB4004 allows you to monitor all RDS/RBDS and other signal parameters from everywhere via its communication channels TCP/IP, and allows GSM Connectivity via the optional external GSM Modem. Easy channel status monitoring or audio listening from everywhere could be done through your mobile phone. With the Audio Stream Server you can even listen to, skim through, and record the audio from another station.

All the channel measurements and logs are saved on internal device memory. The built-in FTP system manages the files by an assigned schedule. All the collected information is centralized in a database and can be revised, played back, and sent automatically to the qualified staff if need be. The Interactive Software-based Log Viewer tool allows very detailed control and analysis of any station from the list of the monitored channels. The Band Analyzer function of the DB4004 presents an overview of all FM signals available, plus the RF signal strength of these stations. Scans are possible within any section of the band in the FM band in 3 different modes. The generated spectrum diagram shows the RF Level vs. the Frequency. Scheduled Band Scans can also be enabled for RF intruder or pirate transmissions detection. The Deva Broadcast’s DB4004 is a superb monitoring system designed as a powerful tool for FM Radio signal analysis and regular off-air monitoring of your stations.

Our product DB4004 is a powerful monitoring system built on our long-standing expertise in the broadcasting equipment industry. We have created this product in adherence to the latest DSP technologies and in the passionate spirit of innovation. We pride ourselves on this product, developed to meet the needs of the most demanding professional radio broadcasting operators and regulatory authorities.